Kanos Capital Management

Wealth management can be complex. But the choice is simple.

Markets aren’t always easy to understand. The advent of automated investing and hypersensitive analytics can add to the complexity, often at the expense of human connections. At Kanos Capital Management, our most important investment is in the relationships we have with our clients.

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What makes Kanos Capital Management different?

Time. We take the time to listen. And when it comes to wealth management, we take the time to do our homework, combining decades of seasoned experience and a research-based approach to investments to determine the best, long-term strategy for you. You’re not just getting some off-the-shelf product based on a risk-assessment algorithm. And you’re not getting a trader who’s going to hold on to a stock for a few minutes, hours, or days at most. You’re getting a long-term commitment and a truly personalized portfolio.

Our strategy is different too. While there is a lot of attention on a handful of popular Dow and NASDAQ stocks, these represent just a fraction of the market. Through decades of experience with multiple investment cycles, our financial advisors favor a value approach for most clients with an eye toward growth. We thoughtfully research a large universe of stocks worldwide, finding bargains that we think will make money over time, pay attractive dividends, and help balance portfolios.

Never accept conventional wisdom at face value

While we do a lot of research on markets, we keep a healthy skepticism about what comes out of Wall Street and financial television. Many managers will model their portfolios on what the large brokerage firms are doing or what financial pundits are saying. We prefer doing our own research. Like others, we look at prices, trends, and valuation metrics. But we also look at companies, how they’re managed, and their histories. We look at a number of different industries. We look at the economy, actions of the central bank, and current events—not just domestically but in Europe and Asia, too.

We listen, analyze, and interpret the above variables to form our financial point of view. And because we’ve been doing this for decades, we use our research to predict financial and economic trends, designing portfolios using qualitative, as well as quantitative, factors. Our background and experiences help shape every portfolio we design and manage.